Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan to Face Themselves in Charity Matches

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    images 2020 05 19T134303.248

    Spanish La Liga side Real Madrid, German Bundesliga side Bayern Munich, and Italian Serie A side Inter Milan are planning to face themselves in a European Solidarity Cup. The charity matches are a means to raise money to support authorities involved in the fight against coronavirus and to celebrate the frontline workers.

    The tournament which will take place in 2021 has not gotten an exact date when it will commence but the fixtures of the three club tournament and the venues where the matches will be played are already out.

    The tournament will open with a match between Inter Milan and Real Madrid in Madrid, Spain. Next, Bayern Munich will visit Inter Milan in Milan, Italy. And then Real Madrid will travel to Munich to play Bayern Munich.

    All these matches can only happen when the world has successfully dealt with the coronavirus pandemic or when it is safe for football fans to watch football in stadia across Europe.

    Besides that the money that will be raised through ticket sales and other sources of revenue will be donated to help the authorities that have been battling the virus, the clubs have agreed to invite about 5, 000 health workers who have been involved in the fight against coronavirus to attend the matches all-expense paid.

    “The three clubs want to show these heroes our solidarity, our respect and our gratitude”, A statement from Real Madrid said. “The three clubs want to transmit a message of solidarity and brotherhood among the peoples of Europe.”

    Also, the chairman and CEO of Bayern Munich Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said: “The coronavirus pandemic has hit Europe hard. We have established very good relations with a lot of clubs through many Champions League games, and have struck up friendships with some of them.

    “Despite all the suffering and all the problems, we in Germany are perhaps fortunate that our healthcare system is proving resilient in this crisis. But we have also seen horrifying images from Italy and Spain, both countries among those hardest hit in Europe by the pandemic.

    “We Germans have a very special relationship with both countries; Italy, like Spain, is one of our favourite holiday destinations.”

    Meanwhile, the world football governing body FIFA is also planning a similar charity gesture. But in the case of FIFA, it will be just a match. It is also to raise money for the fight against coronavirus.

    The match will be organised under the coordination of FIFA foundation led by former France and Bolton midfielder Youri Djorkaeff. The exact date, participants and venue have not been announced.

    “Various scenarios and plans are currently under consideration, all of which are in line with health and other relevant guidelines from respective governments and international organisations”, Youri said.

    “Further details of this unique event, including the location, date, participants and format will be announced by the FIFA Foundation in due course.”


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