Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid Used His Wife to Show you how to ‘Kiss More’ Amid COVID-19 lockdown [Photo]

    Screenshot 20200414 092203
    Screenshot 20200414 092203

    Real Madrid legendary defender Sergio Ramos took to his Instagram account on Monday to share an erotic photograph showing him and his wife, Pilar Rubio, kissing intensely to the admiration of his over 38 million Instagram followers.

    The 34-year-old Spanish national team and Real Madrid captain is known for flaunting the photographs of himself and his beautiful family on Instagram but this is arguably the first time he has gone this far.

    “Something so simple and with so much meaning. Some of you are deprived of them now, but they will return. As with everything we took for granted, let’s feel more, savour more, live more, want more, kiss more”, he captioned the picture in Spanish.

    Here is Sergio Ramos Passionately defending his love for Kissing

    Based on the content of the caption, Sergio Ramos intended to influence his followers to see a brighter side to the whole coronavirus lockdown which is being observed in most parts of the world, especially Spain.

    He wants his fans to use this period to embrace those things they never had enough time for prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

    The Real Madrid football legend didn’t only want his fans to engage in things they have been missing but wants them to do it even more so that those things won’t end up becoming things they have taken for granted in life.

    Indeed, those who looked beyond the erotic nature of the picture to the depth of the message, have found the wisdom the football star tried to pass.

    Talking about looking beyond the picture, do you know that Sergio Ramos started dating his beautiful wife who is a journalist since September 2012?

    Sergio Ramos and his beautiful family
    Sergio Ramos and his beautiful family

    The love affair which is free from controversies led to marriage on 15 June 2019. The wedding ceremony took place in Ramos’ home-town of Seville.

    Prior to the wedding ceremony, the union was already blessed with three beautiful children – Sergio Jr (born 6 May 2014), Marco (born 27 November 2015) and Alejandro (born 25 March 2018).


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