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Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos handstand challenge [Video]

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As the entire world continues to wallow deep in the toxic of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, restrictions on movement and the operation of businesses have also continued to flourish. Virtually all activities that concern human has been badly affected and put on hold, not even the world’s most entertaining sport, football is spared. Quite a number of football leagues in almost all countries that have been affected have suspended football activities to control the spread of the virus.

The ban on football has been causing football stars to embark on different Interesting activities right from the comfort of their homes. There has been quite a number of challenges from different football stars. We published a post earlier about the challenge between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba. The two stars displayed their football magic online leaving their fans as a judge to decide the winner.

Also, Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos took to his social media handle to share video challenging anyone to do what he did in the video. He did some kind of acrobatic move by starting with his against his knees.

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See video below:

The essence for all these challenges is to sensitize people on some of the activities they can do from home instead of disobeying the restriction order mandated by the authorities to stop the spread of the novel Covid-19. The virus-like many others that have affected the human race will be defeated. However, before victory comes, everyone has a role to play, the spread of the virus can only be reduced by stopping people from going out.

For as many people who have greatly missed football activities and are curious to witness the return of the great sport. It is important that we follow strict rules and regulations to stop the continuous spread of the virus. The only way football will return is when the world is at peace again.

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