COVID-19 Lockdown: Romelu Lukaku of Inter Milan Reveals the Things He is Missing About Football So Far

images 2020 04 04T165532.908
images 2020 04 04T165532.908

Between March 10 and 13, most major football leagues in the world including the Italian Serie A had to suspend their leagues in order to contain the spread of the dreaded coronavirus pandemic. One of the players who has been missing so much since football was suspended is Inter Milan talisman Romelu Lukaku.

He told Arsenal legend and retired French International Thierry Henry via Instagram Live that he is not finding it easy since football was suspended in Italy.

The Belgian international and highest goal scorer revealed how much he misses playing football at the front of the fans and attending training sessions.

“It’s just difficult, I miss the competitiveness, the training sessions and I miss the game, playing in front of the fans,” he said. “That is the most difficult thing and the thing I miss the most.”.

When Henry asked him whether he doesn’t miss scoring goals which he loves to do, Lukaku responded with laughter and said: “Yeah, that is the most important thing.”

Scoring is no Longer a Big Deal Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku was a terrific striker in Manchester United whose ability on the field was overshadowed by the politics in the locker room of the Red Devils.

The handlers of the club then felt they were not getting the best from the Belgium hitman and Lukaku felt he wasn’t wanted at the club. Hence, he had to be sold to Italian Serie A side Inter Milan for about £73m in the summer of 2019.

Before the outgoing season was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, he has scored 17 goals in 25 appearances.

However, the Belgian told Henry that he has grown so mature in Inter Milan that he has understood that football should not be about him scoring the goals alone but also to help others score.

He said: “When you mature, it’s not only about yourself anymore. Scoring is my drug, that’s what I live on. But the older you get, you have to use your intelligence, I am a student of the game.

“I think if I want to help my team, I have to be capable to give assists.

“It cannot just be me [scoring], it has to be the guy next to you. Everyone has to feel important.

“If I cannot shoot myself, I will always look for the last pass.”


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