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Belgian FA Dares UEFA, Says It Can’t Be Forced to Complete its League Season Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic may end up not only disrupting the calendar of football season across Europe but also bring about power tussle between Belgian Football Association and UEFA.

Earlier, reported that UEFA sent a letter to the 55 domestic leagues across Europe urging them not to end their leagues prematurely but to complete the leagues so as to have eventual winners from the field of play.

The letter also projected that all leagues in Europe may resume in July and all UEFA competitions would be put on hold until all domestic leagues have been concluded.

UEFA’s advice could be inspired by the recommendation of the board of directors of Belgium Pro League that the league should end and Club Bruges should be declared the winner.

Since it seems the UEFA letter targeted the move of the Belgian FA to end the Belgian League prematurely, the FA decided to issue a statement on Friday, April 3, 2020, to urge UEFA to look for a “variable approach” to handle the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Belgian FA Can’t Be Threatened

 Mehdi Bayat – President of the Belgian FA …
Mehdi Bayat – President of the Belgian FA …

Knowing too well that if the Belgian FA continues with the move to stop its league prematurely, the FA risks being banned from UEFA, the FA clear the air that the recommendation was necessitated by health and economic challenges.

The FA disclosed that the Belgian FA, UEFA and the Pro League had a “remote” meeting on the issue of abandoning the league on Friday morning, April 3.

“This constructive meeting allowed Belgian football leaders to explain in detail the health and economic reasons for the recommendation issued yesterday (Thursday, April 2, 2020) by the Board of Directors – and to challenge any approach that would consist of forcing a league to continue its competition in the current state of the health crisis under threat of not being able to participate in European competitions next season”, the Belgian FA said.

“In favour of solidarity within European football, our representatives called for a variable approach to this concept which makes it possible to take into account both the specificities of each league.

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“A new meeting between the same parties will be scheduled within a week.”

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