Will the suspension of football help Nigerian youths to deal with sports betting addiction?

images 2020 04 04T162738.725
images 2020 04 04T162738.725

In Nigeria, Sport betting sites like Bet 9ja, Winnersgolden bet, Naija bet and others have made quite a number of self millionaires among Nigerian youths. While there are quite a number of persons who have made immeasurable wealth through sports betting, there are other millions of persons who have met their doom in the hands of sports betting.

According to statistical reports, Nigeria spends at least N730b naira annually on a sports bet. Funnily, this huge amount of money is coming from millions of youths who are unemployed and can barely feed themselves three times daily. However, they have money to gamble hoping that someday luck will smile on them and they will also become a millionaire. This has been going on for a while now until the outbreak of coronavirus. The virus forced many people to stop gambling.

Reasonably, this weekend makes it four weeks since Premier League and other major leagues have been on suspension. This is the first time in a long while that suspension will be placed on football activities in the world, so many sport betting shops have been closed down, the ones that have been surviving this moment are those with virtual soccer bet.

With the elongated suspension on football, many youths in Nigeria has been out of a job because football activities have been banned. Meanwhile, there has been a method and caution to stop Nigerian youths from gambling. Many efforts have been made by authorities to control sports betting especially among youths in the country, however, all of their efforts have proved abortive.

The unfortunate outbreak of the novel Covid-19 in the world has changed the tide of things around the world. Football activities have been badly affected as a suspension is placed on it to stop the spread of the deadly pandemic that is rampaging the world.

This development in the world of football has generated a lot of questions. While the rest of the world are asking What and how football will look like when it finally returns? Nigeria is asking if this will stop Nigerian youths from gambling?. In your opinion, do you think this suspension placed on football will stop Nigerian youths from sports bet?

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