Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp Wants Premier League Players to Make Some Sacrifices Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

    images 2020 04 02T145624.338
    images 2020 04 02T145624.338

    Former coach of Tottenham Harry Redknapp has urged players in the Premier League to sacrifice in order for the non-playing staff of their clubs to continue earning 100 per cent of their wages amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Recall that the Premier League, just like every other major league in the world has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic which has infected close to 900,000 people across the world.

    Since the suspension in the United Kingdom in early March, owners of football clubs in the Queen’s country have been looking for ways to keep their clubs afloat during this period where the clubs are not generating revenues.

    Some clubs like Tottenham have already announced pay cut for their non-playing staff. A move most critics feel it is not humane enough since the salary of the players who earn jumbo pays is not touched.

    Hence, Harry Redknapp told Sky Sports News that the Premier League players should use the current situation in the world to show a heart of kindness towards the non-paying staff.

    “For me, it would be a great opportunity for the captains of the football club to get the players together and say ‘look, lads, we need to do something’ and give from the heart’,” he said.

    PFA Leaked Letter against what Harry Redknapp Wishes for

    PFA leaked letter counters what Harry Redknapp wants

    Meanwhile, there is a leaked letter from the Professional Football Association (PFA) in England addressed to all footballers playing in the country urging them not to accept a pay cut until clubs show the association their ‘financial situation’.

    The leaked letter reads: “As part of the stakeholders’ meeting last Friday, the PFA requested to see each club’s financial situation before we offer advice to players on whether to accept the terms offered.

    “This will help us to find the best solution for you, as well as the long-term future of your club.

    “Before accepting or signing any paperwork from your club, it is vitally important that squads collectively discuss proposals with the PFA.

    “We have already been working with multiple teams from all divisions and have created a standardised template that can be used when agreeing to temporary financial measures. This ensures that you are legally protected.”


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