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Who Will Win The Premier League This Season

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It is a known fact that Liverpool FC is mostly likely to win the 2019/20 Premier League campaign before it was stopped due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. However, there are other potential contenders who are also in pursuit to win the cup.

Manchester City stun the world when it pipped Liverpool to win the 2018 Premier League campaign. Last year Liverpool was very close to winning the League Cup until Manchester City came from behind to snatch the cup away from its contender with just one point.

The Premier League competition for 2019/20 is practically between four teams Liverpool Fc, Manchester City, Leicester Fc and Chelsea Fc. However, Liverpool is 25 points clear ahead of Manchester City and it is just about ten matches remaining for end the competition. If there was any season that is certain for Liverpool to win the league it is this 2019/20 season. Unfortunately, the outbreak of coronavirus has spelled a doom on their Premeir League ambition.

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Quite a number football analysts have called for the league for this season to be canceled and declared void, hence, no winner would be announced. Apparently, this might mean that Liverpool Fc Premier League jinx will not be broken this season until God knows when.

Nevertheless, if the Premier League decides to allow the competition to continue amidst that outbreak of this pandemic or if there is a rapid improvement in health conditions, this literally means that Liverpool needs to win only three more games to lift the Premier League.

Manchester City is also a contender in the game, should Liverpool decided to relax in its hustle for the league, Manchester City can steal come from behind again to steal the show. Liverpool has played a total of 29 games having 82 points, won 27, draw one and lose one while Manchester City has played only 28 games having 57 points, won 18, draw 3 and lose 7 games.

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