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What is the prize money for winning UEFA Champions League

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The UEFA Champions League is the biggest club competition in Europe. Every team in different European leagues will do everything possible to play at the Champions League. Unfortunately, only four teams are allowed from each league, so only the first four teams on the table will be allowed to launch their campaigns in Champions League.

Oftentimes many people get confused about which one is greater between the UEFA Champions League and World Cup because of the fierce competition among European teams to win the cup. For the records, the World Cup is the greatest competition in the world of football because it is a football competition that represents every nation in the world. Unlike the Champions League that only features the teams in Europe alone.

Real Madrid of Spain is the biggest winner of the competition, Madrid has won the cup more than 13 times since it started. AC Milan of Italy is also a big winner in the Champions League competition, the Italian giant club has won the league seven times. While the most recent winner of the cup is Liverpool who lifted it for the 6 times in 2018.

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In this article, we will do a comprehensive analysis of prize money for winning the UEFA Champions League. It would interest you to know that for every stage of the competition, teams earn money. There is a particular amount that UEFA pays each team that qualifies for the competition. Asides that, there is a substantial amount of money that the winner of the cup takes home for triumphing.

Let’s do a comprehensive analysis below:

  1. Qualifying for the group stages: 15 million euros
  2. Getting to the round of 16: 9.5 million euros
  3. Qualifying for the quarter-finals: 10.5 million euros
  4. Reaching the semi-finals: 12 million euros
  5. Reaching the final: 15 million euros
  6. Winning the final: 16.8 million euros

Apparently, the winner of the last Champions League competition takes about €74.35m and the runner up takes about  €73.45m.

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