Lists of countries that have won the World Cup

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    The World cup is the biggest football competition in the world because it brings different countries from different continents together to compete for one trophy. Every country will do everything humanly possible to play at the world cup and to win the trophy if possible. In fact, many critics opined that any Ballon d’Or winner that has never won the world cup is not a complete champion yet.

    The inability of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to win the world cup is one of the downsides of their football career. The duo has won several personal medals for themselves and their country, however, none of them has been able to lift the world cup with their national team. A quick recall to the World Cup final in 2014 when Argentina faced Germany at the final, a lone goal from Gotze shattered the hope and expectations of the Argentine players, Lionel Messi almost cried his eye out because that would have been a perfect moment for him to break the jinx.

    It would interest you to know that the World Cup started in 1930 a few years after the first World War. The realists around the world suggest that the League of Nations which happened to be the United body for all countries of the world then should create a platform that will unite people from different countries together. Reasonably, one of the things they established was the World Cup, by its name it means it involves the whole world giving every country and continent a sense of belonging and identification.

    Since 1930 up until this time, about 20 countries have won the cup, meanwhile, Uruguay defeated Argentina in 1930 to become the first World Cup winner in the world. After 3 consecutive World Cup competitions, the second World War broke out in 1939 which hindered the competition from taking place again in 1942 and 1948. In 1950, the competition continued after seeing the end of the second and last world war. Brazil is regarded as the biggest winner of the world cup after lifting the trophy for the fifth time in the year 2002.

    Find a list of winners and year

    • Uruguay 1930
    • 1934 – Italy
    • 1938 – Italy
    • 1950 – Uruguay
    • 1954 – West Germany
    • 1958 – Brazil
    • 1962 – Brazil 
    • 1966 – England
    • 1970 – Brazil
    • 1974 – West Germany 
    • 1978 – Argentina
    • 1982 – Italy
    • 1986 – Argentina
    • 1990 – West Germany
    • 1994 – Brazil
    • 1998 – France
    • 2002 – Brazil
    • 2006 – Italy
    • 2010 – Spain
    • 2014 – Germany
    • 2018 – France

    When is the next World Cup and where is it taking place?

    The next World Cup host country is not going to happen in Europe, Africa or any of the American continents. Qatar has been unveiled as the host of the 2022 World Cup, Interestingly, it will be the first World Cup to be hosted by an Arab country and a country dominated by Muslims. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be the second of its kind in the Asian continent, the first time was back in 2002 hosted by South Korea. Another peculiar thing about the 2022 World Cup is that it will be the first coming during the ending of the year. All World Cup competition is always between May, June or July. But 2022 will be coming in November, the very first of it kind in the history of the World Cup.

    As lovers of football, we hope that the coronavirus outbreak doesn’t bring an abrupt end to football as we greatly anticipate for Qatar 2022.

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