Austria’s Kevin Danso broke Kylian Mbappe’s nose during Euro 2024 game… It was bloody

Mbappe broke his nose on June 17, 2024 during France v Austria Euro 2024 match.


Mbappe collided with Kevin Danso when they both went for the ball; as a result, Mbappe was left with a broken nose and it was bloody. The former PSG player was down for a long time while the medical staff tried to figure out how to stop the bleeding.

Mbappe’s broken nose means France will have to come up with another game plan if they want to win the EURO 2024 since Mbappe may not be fit for their next game.

France won the match against Austria with an own goal from Mbappe’s cross, if Mbappe is out for a long time, the team will miss him and may not win the Euro 2024 without their star player Kylian.

The newest Real Madrid player was injured towards the end of the match, with a bloody nose and clear nose fracture, Mbappe waited till the end of the match before he left for the hospital for a medical examination.

There were speculations that Mbappe will need surgery but his doctors are confident he will be ok with no need for a surgical procedure. It was a blood injury and Mbappe may end up wearing a mask for the rest of his career. If this happens, it may affect his performance on the field.


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