UEFA shifts Euro2020 to 2021 while Champions League and other Domestic League games across Europe to experience changes

    images 2020 03 18T084158.988
    images 2020 03 18T084158.988

    Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak in Europe, the governing body of the European Football (UEFA) has postponed the Euro 2020 to the year 2021. Reasonably, the Euro2020 that is supposed to come up by June 12 has been shifted till June 2021. This is part of UEFA’s proposal to tackle the recent menace in the world of European football cause by the novel COVID-19.

    Also, domestic leagues and European fixtures are to witness changes too due to the virus outbreak sweeping the world. Before now, there have been speculations that some domestic leagues in Europe might be declared inconclusive, hence, the team topping the league might not be given the cup. Most especially the English league, Liverpool Fc is on the negative receiving end of COVID-19 on the world of football. The red club has done and invested so much to remain on the 1st position since the league started and they are 25 points clear ahead of their runner up, Manchester City.

    Should everything goes the way it ought to, Liverpool will lift the Premier League Cup for the first time in distant memory. However, some speculations flying around suggest that the league will be declared null and void, hence, no winner will be announced.

    UEFA has, however, announced that domestic leagues will not be canceled either will the European Champions League be declared null and void because of the outbreak. According to the European football governing body, the domestic and European fixtures will not bow to the virus, meanwhile, the governing body also stated that the safety of the players and fans is the utmost priority of UEFA.

    Domestic Leagues will be played to a finish on or before June 30 while the Champions League will be pushed to finish by the ending of June 30, 2020.

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