List of teams that have won the European Champions League

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The European Champions League was established in 1955. Initially, the seasonal competition only allows champions from major leagues across Europe except for Liechtenstein that have no league. This means that only the winner of each league and defending champions of the European Champions League were allowed to compete in the game. The cup was named European Cup until the 1992/93 tournament when it was changed to UEFA Champions League.

Interestingly, the tournament has been on for over 65 years and over 23 teams all across Europe have won the cup. The biggest winner of the Cup is no other than Real Madrid of Spain. The Los Blancos team has won the competition more than any other team competing in the tournament. While some other team is yet to win their first Champions League Cup, Real Madrid has been champions for over 13 times. After Real Madrid, the Italian giant club, Ac Milan is the next biggest winner of the Cup. Ac Milan has won the Cup for about 7 times during their good old days as champions of the Serie A.

Liverpool and Barcelona are also one of the biggest winners of the Cup. Liverpool has won the Cup 6 times while Barcelona won it 5 times. The funny thing about the Champions League is that there are some teams that no longer play in the first division of their domestic leagues presently but at one point in time they have been named the Champions of Europe. Nottingham Forest of England and Aston Villa are perfect examples. While Aston Villa is currently seated at the relegation zone of the Premier League table, Nottingham Forest is still struggling to top the chart of the Championship, the second division of the English league.

Also, Steaua Bucuresti a Romanian club struggling to remain in the major domestic league has one time been the champion of Europe. While all these are happening, there are also some notable teams in Europe that have never won the Champions League before. Teams Manchester City, PSG, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur have never won the tournament before.

Find below list of winners

2018: Liverpool Fc (ENG)

2017: Real Madrid (Esp)

2016: Real Madrid (Esp)

2015: Real Madrid (ESP)

2014: Barcelona (ESP)

2013: Bayern Munich (GER)

2012: Chelsea (ENG)

2011: Barcelona (ESP)

2010: Inter Milan (ITA)

2009: Barcelona (ESP)

2008: Manchester United (ENG)

2007: AC Milan (ITA)

2006: Barcelona (ESP)

2005: Liverpool (ENG)

2004: FC Porto (POR)

2003: AC Milan (ITA)

2002: Real Madrid (ESP)

2001: Bayern Munich (GER)

2000: Real Madrid (ESP)

1999: Manchester United (ENG)

1998: Real Madrid (ESP)

1997: Borussia Dortmund (GER)

1996: Juventus (ITA)

1995: Ajax (NED)

1994: AC Milan (ITA)

1993: Marseille (FRA)

1992: Barcelona (ESP)

1991: Red Star Belgrade (YUG)

1990: AC Milan (ITA)

1989: AC Milan (ITA)

1988: PSV Eindhoven (NED)

1987: FC Porto (POR)

1986: Steaua Bucharest (ROU)

1985: Juventus (ITA)

1984: Liverpool (ENG)

1983: Hamburg (GER)

1982: Aston Villa (ENG)

1981: Liverpool (ENG)

1980: Nottingham Forest (ENG)

1979: Nottingham Forest (ENG)

1978: Liverpool (ENG)

1977: Liverpool (ENG)

1976: Bayern Munich (GER)

1975: Bayern Munich (GER)

1974: Bayern Munich (GER)

1973: Ajax (NED)

1972: Ajax (NED)

1971: Ajax (NED)

1970: Feyenoord (NED)

1969: AC Milan (ITA)

1968: Manchester United (ENG)

1967: Celtic (SCO)

1966: Real Madrid (ESP)

1965: Inter Milan (ITA)

1964: Inter Milan (ITA)

1963: AC Milan (ITA)

1962: Benfica (POR)

1961: Benfica (POR)

1960: Real Madrid (ESP)

1959: Real Madrid (ESP)

1958: Real Madrid (ESP)

1957: Real Madrid (ESP)

1956: Real Madrid (ESP)

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