Liverpool Fc Mohammed Sallah shows how he’s handling the COVID-19 stay at home order

    images 2020 03 29T085948.328
    images 2020 03 29T085948.328

    Liverpool FC talisman, Mohammed Sallah has shown to the world how he’s handling the COVID-19 stay at home order. The fastest means of contracting the novel coronavirus is through contact with an affected person, so in a bid to stop the spread of the virus, the order has been made for everyone to stay at home.

    Presently, almost all countries of the world have begun to observe the stay at home order mandated by the government to help in the spread of the virus. Reasonably, different footballers have been using their social media platforms to sensitize people on the need for them to comply with the government’s order that everyone should stay safe at home. The Stay at Home Challenge was started by footballers to show millions of their fans how they are handling the situation at hand and some interesting things they do to ensure that they have fun during this moment.

    Mohammed Sallah has shown his fans one of the things he spends his stay at home order to do, the Egyptian footballer was pictured in the indoor gym doing some workout to keep body and soul together. The COVID-19 break will see many footballers lose form drastically when football finally resumes, many of them would have added excess weight drastically. The Liverpool Fc striker who is currently feared for being one of the top scorers in the world doesn’t want to lose that touch and creativity so soon, he has hit the gym to ensure that while he stays safe at home he also stay fit.

    Liverpool FC was on way to winning its first Premier League title before the outbreak of coronavirus which has put a stop to all footballing activities. They are 25 points clear ahead of their runner up, Manchester City. Reasonably, Liverpool only needs to wins just two games and they will be confirmed winner before the unfortunate presence of COVID-19 which has spelled the biggest doom on football.

    Many football critics have been calling Premier League to cancel the season and declare it void. This literally means Liverpool will not be given the Premier League cup because the season is inconclusive and declared void. Winning the Premier League would have been a perfect gift to console the defending Champion of the Champions League who crashed out of the competition in the round of 16.


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