Coronavirus: Lionel Messi shares video of his stay at home challenge [Video]

    images 2020 03 20T113921.153
    images 2020 03 20T113921.153

    When the admirable is not available, the available will be admirable. Since the world of football has been placed on temporary hold due to the outbreak of novel COVID-19, many football players have started their stay at home challenge. We have published quite a number of posts about the outbreak and how many footballers across the world are enjoying the sudden break.

    World best footballer, Lionel Messi has shared a video on his official Instagram handle showing the footballer playing a roll of tissue paper to key into the stay at home challenge footballers have started online.

    This is the first time in a very long time that the entire world will be thinking the same way, the first time in a distant memory that the entire world will rise to fight a common enemy. COVID-19 has hindered the continuous play of football games around the world. Even the EA, Premier League, and EFL recently announced that England leagues will not be resuming on the 3rd of April as scheduled before, games will resume by the ending of April. So, the Premier League games will not continue until the ending of April and that is still subject to reprove depending on the level of health improvement at that time.

    Since footballers can no longer do what they know how to do best on the field of play, they have decided to start a challenge online tagged StayatHomeChallenge. Some times last week, Lionel Messi sent a message of strength and quick recovery to all the people that have been infected with the deadly pandemic. He urged people to stay at home and be safe and also advised that this period is an opportunity to enjoy a perfect moment with family. The world’s best player is currently on the quest of winning more titles this season. Before the suspension, Barcelona was preparing to host Napoli Fc in the return leg of their round of 16 Champions League games after their first encounter ended with a draw.


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