Sadio Mane and Mo Sallah’s goals save Liverpool from second defeat

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    The combination of two African star footballers in a team can not be overestimated. Bournemouth made a huge mistake to have underestimated the Red club following their poor performances in recent games. Jurgen Klopp’s side had a surprising defeat to Athletico Madrid in the first leg of their Champions League round of 16 campaign, which could be highly detrimental to their stay in the competition.

    There is no doubt that the past few weeks have been quite hard for Liverpool, after their defeat to Athletico Madrid in the Champions League, the red club was able to defeat West Ham in their next game in the Premier League to continue their unbeaten record in the Premier League. However, their record was abruptly stopped by Watford. Yes, Watford, the same team that is at the bottom of the Premier League, a team that many people had tipped for relegation stood up and did what giants like Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, and others could not do.

    Watford’s victory over Liverpool gave other Premier League clubs the confidence that Liverpool can be beaten. Interestingly, the event that seems not pleasant to Liverpool became a source of motivation for other teams. Meanwhile, whether or not a champion was defeated, the competition must continue. Subsequently, Liverpool took on Bournemouth in the second leg of their Premier league competition in Anfield.

    The visitor started the game with a fierce spirit in the early minutes which made them uncontrollable for the host team. As early as eight minutes, Bournemouth has found the back of Liverpool’s net, it was becoming more like their last Premier League game against Watford. However, whether or not the Liverpool team is experiencing some setback, the combination of two fierce African attackers in the team can not be underestimated.

    A quick equalizer from a one time African best player, Mo Sallah put the red side back into the game until the current African player of the year, Sadio Mane sealed the win for Liverpool with an outstanding goal. Reasonably, the two Africans were able to save the team from another defeat, however, how long will the celebration in Anfield last, when the team welcomes Athletico Madrid on Wednesday, 11th of March. Till then, the Red club is allowed to celebrate another win.

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