Daniel Sturridge allows his barber girlfriend to shave his hair as they quarantine together [Video]

    images 2020 03 29T104420.589
    images 2020 03 29T104420.589

    Daniel Sturridge is enjoying the best time of his life as he quarantines together with his beautiful barber girlfriend simply identified as Jamal. The stay at home challenge is a perfect time for people especially footballers who are always busy with footballing activities to do some of the things on their bucket list.

    According to Daniel Sturridge, he stated that quarantine made him take a huge decision in his life to have his hair shaved by his girlfriend who happens to be a stylist. The duo was pictured in their living room which is supposed to be their self-isolation center while Jamal did some creative works on Daniel Sturridge.


    The former Liverpool player who is currently without a club has been rumored to join MLS in the coming season after he was banned and fined by FA for betting-related offense earlier this year. Sturridge has made the best use of this Stay at Home Challenge to have himself shaved by his beautiful girlfriend. He stated jokingly while advertising for his babe that whoever needs to have a shave can contact her.

    He jokingly said people should be careful because all the shaving qualities that his girlfriend possesses his meant for him and him alone. Whatever thing that footballers want to do, this is the right time to do some of those important things. In the good old days of football, it is either they are on the pitch trying to defend their title or they are on the training ground. Basically, their life is on a routine, they don’t even have much time to spend the money they have that’s people always believe some musicians are richer than footballers.

    They only have a few days during summer break, in fact, some Leagues play football on Christmas day and even new year. As much as the world fears coronavirus, some footballers will want an extension so they can enjoy more time with their family.


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