Real Madrid Marco Asensio reminisce on the football events that unfolded before Covid19 outbreak [Photo]

    images 2020 03 23T104144.373
    images 2020 03 23T104144.373

    Millions of football fans all over the globe have missed the weekend football thrills, the magic of the play, the funny and emotional moments all together. Many of us can wait for the return of football after so many days since the outbreak of the novel COVID-19. This is the first time in distant memory that football games will be put on hold all over the globe due to the outbreak of a pandemic that is on the bid to destroy the human race.

    Reasonably, football games have been suspended until further notice, until the coronavirus outbreak is fully controlled, football might not return anytime soon. Unfortunately, despite the suspension placed on all football games all around the world, still, the virus has continued to flourish especially in Europe. Though it started in China back in December 2019, however, China has recently recorded a decrease in the number of affected persons in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, Italy has become the newest hub for the virus has killed over 5000 people in the country.

    Two Juventus players, Blaise Matuidi and Rugani Daniele are both tested positive for the deadly pandemic currently rampaging the whole world. While many other players both in the club and other teams in Italian too flight has been placed in self-isolation to prevent further spread of the virus.

    While the world is in great turmoil following the attack of this deadly virus on the earth, many football stars who are tested negative have been enjoying the warm comfort of their families. This is a phase that will surely pass over, but the question on every man’s lips is when? While all these events are unfolding, Real Madrid star player, Marco Asensio, has decided to spend his break as a moment to reflect on the tournament, the excitement people get from the sport.

    The 24-year-old attacker shared a picture on his official Instagram page with a caption, he wrote:

    It was a spectacular tournament. The goal was to have a good time, laugh, entertain ourselves in these difficult times for everyone, and donate in the fight against COVID-19. And we have succeeded.


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