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Two Nigerian International footballers kidnapped by unknown gunmen

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Two Nigerian international footballers who play to Enyimba Fc identified as Dayo Ojo and Benjamin Iluyomade has been kidnapped by unknown gunmen while they were returning home from team camp. The top flight of the Nigerian professional football league has been suspended due to the outbreak of coronavirus in Nigeria, the team went on camping and while they were returning home their car was ambushed by a legion of unidentified gunmen and the two footballers were taken away. The unfortunate news has been confirmed by the Enyimba Fc through a press release dropped on their social media handle.

It was reported that the incident took place on Sunday 23rd of March along Benin-Owo expressway while the duo was traveling to Akure after the suspension of football games in Nigeria following the outbreak of novel COVID-19 in the country. In a statement which reads:

“Enyimba Football Club can announce that midfielder Ekundayo Ojo has been abducted by gunmen along the Benin-Owo expressway,” the statement read.

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“Enyimba FC have since maintained close contact with Ojo’s family, as efforts are already in place to ensure the player’s release from his abductors.

“At this time, and considering the sensitivity of the incident, Enyimba Football Club wishes to call on members of the media to refrain from reports or speculation capable of jeopardising the players’ safety. 

It is however very funny to know that kidnappers are still in service at this perilous time the entire world is presently in. There is a virus out there killing humans like animals and the funny thing is that no one knows the cause of the virus or the cure to it. The virus has caused the entire world to make critical decisions that are highly detrimental to the economic growth of each nation all in a bid to stop the spread of the virus. Whereas, the virus has continued to flourish being measures in some notable countries of the world. And while all these are going on, some mentally demented deranged individuals are still all out to kidnap people, it is very pitiable.

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