List of teams that have won the Premier League cup


The Premier League Cup was formed in 1992, apparently, the 2019/2020 season is the 27th year campaign since the Premier League is established.

One of the most incredible moments in Champions League was back in 2002/2003 when Arsenal won the League with an unbeaten record. All the 38 games they played in the league they had an unbeaten record. Ever since then, no team has been able to do the invisible.

The closest team in England to breaking the invisible record of Arsenal in 2002/03 is Liverpool Fc. Before the coronavirus outbreak in Europe which led to the suspension of all League games, Liverpool had played over 29 games and they won 27 and one draw. The red club could have broken the standing invisible record in Premier League until Watford Fc defeated the reigning champion.

Funnily, Liverpool has never lifted the Premier League trophy since the time it has been created in 1992. The last time Liverpool won the cup was when it was still called Barclays Premier League. Many Liverpool fans of this new millennials have never celebrated the Premier League Cup with the club. This season would have been the best moment for Liverpool to break the jinx that has been standing for long, however, coronavirus outbreak in Europe has made the Champions reign uncertain.

There are some teams that you would never know that they have once been the champion of England, teams like Blackburn who is now in the second division of the League. Basically, the cup has always been taken among these four clubs, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, and Chelsea. 2015/16 season witnessed an exception to this fact when Leicester return from second division with raging force and snatch the throne from the reigning champion of the league. After that year, Chelsea lifted the trophy and in subsequent years Manchester City took it. Reasonably, Manchester City is the defending champion of the Premier League Cup.

Find below list of winners of Premier League Cup

2018/19Manchester City
2017/18Manchester City
2015/16Leicester City
2013/14Manchester City
2012/13Manchester United
2011/12Manchester City
2010/11Manchester United
2008/09Manchester United
2007/08Manchester United
2006/07Manchester United
2002/03Manchester United
2000/01Manchester United
1999/00Manchester United
1998/99Manchester United
1996/97Manchester United
1995/96Manchester United
1994/95Blackburn Rovers
1993/94Manchester United
1992/93Manchester United

Who has won more Premeir League Cup

From the table provided above, it is clear that Manchester United has won more Premier League Cup than any other team in England. The red devils have a total of 13 League Cups.

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