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Liverpool Alisson Becker shows in picture how he’s spending the coronavirus break

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Coronavirus outbreak in Europe spelled doom for the world of sporting activities. The fear of coronavirus is no doubt the beginning of wisdom to live long. Major leagues in Europe have suspended all competitions till April 3, April 10 and others are indefinite.

Just yesterday, we published a post showing how some notable football stars are spending the sudden break in their respective homes. Sergio Ramos was seen with his kids and wife in a happy mood which clearly suggests that his kids would not want the break to end soon. Funnily, not that the innocent kids wished that the virus should continue to flourish, but they would always wish their dad is home with them.

Similarly, Alexis Sanchez was pictured having a swell time with his dogs in the wood. There are no clear pieces of evidence that the Inter Milan attacker has a wife or a family, however, he surely has a company of his dogs.

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As if that is not enough, Alisson Becker Liverpool’s goal stopper has shown the rest of the world how he’s spending the break. The proud father was pictured with his two kids. Becker got married in 2015 to his beautiful wife, Natalia Loewe who is a physician from Brazil. The duo was blessed with two beautiful kids, they had their first child named Helena in 2017 and their second kid Matteo in 2019.

The Brazilian left AS Roma to sign for Liverpool in 2018 after the English club paid a whopping sum of £62.50 million to the Italian club. Prior to his signing, Liverpool former goalkeeper, Karius committed a blunder at the Champions League Final against Real Madrid which gave the cup away cheaply to the Los Blancos. At the opening of the transfer window, the first player Liverpool added to the team was a new goalkeeper which turned out to be Alisson Becker.

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Expectedly, Alisson Becker proved his worth by turning himself into a Jericho at the goal post making it very difficult for a goal to penetrate. Fortunately, his goalkeeping prowess and the team’s optimism for the best took Liverpool to the finals of the 2019 Champions League against Tottenham Hotspurs, the results of that game was a familiar history.

Despite Liverpool spending so much to purchase the goal stopper, it would interest you to know that the Brazilian star still earns a huge sum weekly, he takes home £90,000 on a weekly basis which amounts to about £360, 000 on a monthly basis.

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