COVID-19: I have no idea if we are going to play again, Kevin De Bruyne Laments

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images 2020 04 02T160424.416

Manchester City attacking midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is among the football stars who are not happy with the lingering suspension of football matches because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 27-year-old Belgium football star told Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws that he has no idea whether there is going to be a football action in the coming days.

He lamented that just like how the football season in Belgium has been suspended indefinitely, the English Football League has not made any specific decision on when football will resume in England.

De Bruyne said: “If you do nothing for six weeks, normally you need a pre-season of three to four weeks. If we restart immediately, everyone will be in the treatment room after a couple of games.

“That’s clearly not the intention. But there is a lot of money involved and I think that waiting too long to make a decision could cause problems for next season.

“It is not that we have a very long summer break and can just shove everything closer together. It would be a shame to stop early after such a good season, but if it avoids problems next year, it must be done.”

Kevin De Bruyne
Kevin De Bruyne

On the fate of the current season which has been disrupted since early March, Kevin De Bruyne says stopping the current season before the due date would be shameful because the season was a good one. The Manchester City player, however, noted that stopping the season before the due date should be enforced if it is the only way to avoid problems for next season.

“It would be a shame to stop early after such a good season, but if it avoids problems next year, it must be done”, he said.

The league in Belgium, Jupiler Pro League, is set to end with Club Brugge as champions after the board of directors recommended the season should end early.

Kevin De Bruyne is currently quarantining with his family in his home country, but he says he is not worried about his own form.

He said: “This time in quarantine has shown many of us what it feels like after a football career, and they will now be motivated to give everything for an extra year.

“I am not that worried about my own form. Once you start playing football again, that level will come back.”


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