Gareth Bale Accepts #TMBounceChallenge in Grand style [Video]

    Screenshot 20200402 132449
    Screenshot 20200402 132449

    Real Madrid striker Gareth Bale accepted the #TMBounceChallenge nomination from Chris Trott, the Global Sports Marketer for TaylorMade Golf Company, an American company involved in manufacturing of golf accessories.

    The Real Madrid and Wales national team winger has over time proved that besides being one of the finest footballers in his generation, he has strong blood for golf. He has been showing the world that if he wasn’t a footballer, he would have been a golf player.

    He has, in a couple of instances, used golf gestures to celebrate his goals, Euros 2020 qualifiers and even during training in his Spanish club.

    Due to the attention the player has been paying to golf, most critics have been insinuating that it could be the reason why the player has not been giving his utmost best to Real Madrid.

    To make matters worse, he was once quoted as saying that he enjoys playing for Wales than playing for Real Madrid. He portrayed that when he used Wales’ flag with an inscription: “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order”, to celebrate the qualification of the country for Euros 2021.

    Gareth Bale celebrating with Wales National team players after qualifying for Euros 2020 now 2021
    Gareth Bale celebrating with Wales National team players after qualifying for Euros 2020 now 2021

    However, some critics blame his decline in form to the ill-relationship between the 30-year-old Wales International and the coach of Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane.

    Gareth Bale Ready for peace

    However, reports that make the rounds on Wednesday says the players have decided to make peace with Zidane, a sign most people believe is a sign that he has decided to stay at the club.

    Whether he stays at Real Madrid or return to Tottenham where Madrid bought him from, Bale has shown that he cannot jettison his love for golf. In fact, the love the football star has for the game of golf is not fanatical because he is good at playing the game.

    The video he shared on his Instagram page showing when he was undertaking the #TMBounceChallenge is a testament that Gareth Bale is not just good on football pitches but can be a superstar on a golf course.

    In the video, Bale could be seen handling the golf club as professional as one can imagine while he used it to juggle the golf ball from the club to different parts of his body.

    Here is Gareth Bale showing the world what he can do with a golf club and ball.


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