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Gareth Bale launches new eSports team

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Real Madrid and Wales striker has announced his new project in the world of eSports. He made this announcement via twitter and he also revealed his new team called Ellevens Esports. This is a joint venture for the Welsh star as the eSports franchise is co-owned along with 38 Entertainment Group. The team was founded by investor Jonathan Kark and former footballer Larry Cohen.

The team is expected to make their debut at the FIFA eClub World Cup happening in Milan this week. Apart from FIFA, Bale’s Ellevens has plans on expanding to other eSports multiplayer platforms. This includes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite and Rocket League.

The initiative seems to have plenty prospect for gamers as last year, American teenager Kyle Giersdorf won over £2.3million ($3m). Giersdorf earned this prize after taking the top prize in a Fortnite tournament. Now Bale hopes to extend the same lucrative reward to gamers as the FIFA eClub World Cup will offer a grand prize of £76,000 ($100,000). This also included a chance to earn Global Series Rankings points. These points will enable players to qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup in July.

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The Madrid star has called on gamers from around the world to participate in a tent hunt. The audition is expected to give gamers a chance to sign a professional contract with his new venture, Ellevens Esports. 

”There are similarities between football and eSports in that it takes real dedication and sacrifice to reach the top of your game, ” Bale said in a statement.

Bale, 30, joins the bandwagon of footballers to venture into the sport. Leicester’s Christian Fuchs launched his own team in 2018 called ”NoFuchsGiven.” Arsenal star Mesut Ozil has also launched his own team, as well as football legend Ruud Gullit. The initiative to venture into eSports seems to be practical given the exponential growth and popularity of the sport. 

Fuchs said last year: ”The appeal of eSports is a part of everyday life now. Fortnite and FIFA are spoken about in the same way as we talk about football and rugby. Fortnite streamer Ninja is as big a star as Messi and Ronaldo, so I’ve realized how professional and competitive [professional gamers] are, just like I am with everything I do.”

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Back in November, Bale’s celebrated Wales Euro 2020 qualification and from the looks of things, will have a lot on his plate this year with his new venture. With juggling his Club career with Real Madrid, Euro2020, and now his new business venture, it would be interesting to see how he priorities his commitments. Fans jokingly said his new venture may affect his club career as he will be away on eSports playing rather than playing on an actual field. 

Either way, the new venture seems to be very promising and hopes to be rewarding. Gamers from all over the world have already started applying for an amazing opportunity. 

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