List of highest-paid footballers and managers in 2020, Messi, Ronaldo, Diego Simeone, Pep Guardiola, topped the list

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    The top best footballers in the world are making a lot of money and so are the managers. The French news outlet, L’Equipe has published a list of highest-paid footballers and managers and the numbers are huge. As expected, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are at top of the highest-paid player’s list. Also, Pep Guardiola and Diego Simone topped the list on the highest-paid Manager’s list.

    According to the list, Messi currently earns almost twice the amount of Ronaldo’s wages. The Barcelona legend, who has been at a tug-of-war with the club since calling out Barcelona’s sports director Eric Abidal earns a whopping €8.3 million in wages per month.
    Considering the Argentine superstar’s future at Camp Nou is up in the air, this figure may or may not increase depending on if he decides to move in the summer. Ronaldo came in second, he earns roughly €4.5 million gross per month.

    According to L’Equipe, the list of top eight highest players in the world are all from La Liga or Ligue 1 with the exception of Ronaldo. See the list below:

    8. Kylian Mbappe | €1.9m gross per month

    7. Eden Hazard | €2.5m gross per month

    6. Gareth Bale | €2.5m gross per month

    5. Luis Suarez | Just under €3m gross per month

    4. Antoine Griezmann | Just under €3m gross per month

    3. Neymar | €3m gross per month

    2. Cristiano Ronaldo | €4.5m gross per month

    1. Lionel Messi | €8.3m gross per month

    Interestingly enough, the top highest-paid players in Ligue 1 also feature two of the top highest paid players in the world, Neymar and Mbappe. It is also reported that the 10 highest-paid players in Ligue 1 are all Paris Saint-Germain players. Could this be the reason they are currently on top of the Ligue 1 table? See a pic below of the top paid Ligue 1 players.

    In the Premier League, Manchester United’s first-choice goalkeeper David de Gea is the Premier League’s highest-paid player. De Gea makes €1.76 million gross per month. Trailing closely behind is Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil (€1.64m gross per month). Followed by Manchester City duo Kevin De Bruyne (€1.64m gross per month) and Raheem Sterling (€1.4m gross per month) and Paul Pogba rounding up the top five with €1.36m gross per month.

    None of the Premier League players earn more than Manchester City Coach Pep Guardiola. Pep Guardiola, earns €1.94 million gross per month. The amount said to have increased after last season’s success with the squad.

    On the list of most paid football managers in the world, Jose Mourinho trails behind Guardiola, he makes roughly €1.46 million gross per month. In a shocking turn of events, Premier League’s current top boss Jurgen Klopp earns the same amount as Mourinho.

    But the world’s highest-paid manager is not in the Premier League. The accolade goes shockingly to La Liga boss Diego Simeone. Simeone manages Atletico Madrid and earns an eye-watering €3.6 million gross per month. The amount comes as a surprise to many as the Atletico boss takes home more money than Neymar per month. See the list below of the top six highest-paid football managers in the world. 

    Top six highest-paid football managers in the world

    6. Antonio Conte | €1.38m gross per month

    5. Zinedine Zidane | €1.4m gross per month

    4. Jurgen Klopp | €1.46m gross per month

    3. Jose Mourinho | €1.46m gross per month

    2. Pep Guardiola | €1.94m gross per month

    1. Diego Simeone | | €3.6m gross per month

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