Scott McTominay of Manchester United Celebrates Baby Niece’s First Birthday [Photos]

    Screenshot 20200414 072231
    Screenshot 20200414 072231

    Manchester United youngster Scott McTominay is now an uncle to a beautiful baby niece Isabelle who turned one year old on Monday, April 13, 2020.

    The 23-year-old Manchester United midfielder and Scotland International took to his Instagram account to share a series of pictures of Isabelle and some of the beautiful moments he has had with her before she turned one.

    In one of the pictures, Scott McTominay could be seen babysitting the little girl like the big uncle that he is. In other pictures, the mother of Scott could be seen carrying the baby alongside the mother of the girl and Scot’s elder sister Katie Rose Mctominay.

    In the last slide of the series of pictures the football star shared to mark the first birthday of his baby niece, there is a short clip showing a funny moment involving the family and the baby girl.

    In the short clip, baby Isabelle could be seen seated in a baby walker making a funny face which left the rest of the family members laughing in the background as the camera panned on her.

    Scott McTominay captioned the Instagram post with: “A very special happy 1st birthday Isabelle 🥳Lots of love Uncle Scott in isolation”.

    Scott McTominay is still busy with football

    When the Manchester United star shared this post, people who didn’t understand the caption thought the 23-year-old was already a father.

    However, Scott is yet to add such a responsibility to his responsibilities of being a celebrity, a son, brother and now an uncle. Isabelle is the daughter of Scott’s only sister Katie.

    Scott McTominay's sister Katie, her husband and Isabelle
    Scott McTominay’s sister Katie, her husband and Isabelle

    The Manchester United star is not in any known relationship as at last check, he is only focused on cementing his place at Old Trafford.

    He has been with the Premier League side since he was 5 years old as a student of the club’s football academy. Afterwards, he stayed with the club’s youth team until he had his chance to play with the senior team in May 2017.

    In 2019 Scott signed a contract with Manchester United that earned him a whopping salary of 3 Million Euro per year.

    Since 2017, he has played for the Red Devils 51 times and scored 6 times. Also, he has made 12 appearances for Scottish national team since he made his debut in 2018.


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