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Like La Liga, Premier League Stands to Lose £1bn if the season is not completed

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Just recently, the president of Spanish La Liga Javier Tebas disclosed that if the current La Liga season which has been interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic is not completed, clubs in the league would lose one billion euros.

In the same light, the Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said if the Premier League in England fails to complete its interrupted season the clubs will lose one billion pounds about 120 million euros more than that of La Liga.

As Liverpool football club is wondering whether the league will end or whether the club will be crowned champions since they are topping the league table with 25 points, club owners are battling with the financial crisis.

The financial crisis most of the clubs are confronted with has forced some of them to key into the furlough policy of the government which stipulates that the government will cover 80% of the wages of non-essential staff of clubs while the clubs will pay the remaining 20% in order to protect jobs.

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The clubs are also expecting that the Professional Football Association (PFA) will give the players the go-ahead to accept the 30% pay cut the league and club owners recommended.

Premier League is losing revenue

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters
Premier League chief executive Richard Masters

“You will appreciate like much of the productive economy in the UK we are losing revenue at an unprecedented level,” the Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said.

“We face a £1bn loss, at least, if we fail to complete season 2019/20, and further losses going forward if the seriousness of the pandemic deepens and extends into the future.”

Football is Easy Target – Solskjaer

Meanwhile, head coach of Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has urged the league management not to make football easy target.

According to the Red Devils‘ coach, players have been contributing their quarter to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and they will continue to do so.

“For me, football is an easy target sometimes,” Solskjaer said. “For me, it’s unfair to call on any individual or footballers as a group because I already know players do a great amount of work in the community, and players are doing a lot to help this situation.

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“Discussions are taking place between players and clubs, what kind of contribution they’ll make. It’s not easy for anyone, and to be called out is not fair for me.

“We’re all good people, and I’m sure we all want this to be over with as soon as possible. For me, it’s about following the guidelines from the government as well.”

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