Critics advise Manchester United to sell Pogba and sign Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish

    images 2020 04 06T094854.840
    images 2020 04 06T094854.840

    Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba has made the headline once more. Like many other times that the French man got into the news, it is mostly based on his future in Old Trafford. The 27-year-old player has not really made an impressive start for the 2019/20 season due to injury that he suffered earlier this year.

    Paul Pogba’s injury spell made it a necessity that Manchester must get a perfect replacement to take his place in the midfield. Fortunately, Manchester United’s boss Ole Gunnar Solskjær was able to sign Bruno Fernandes from Portuguese club, Sporting CP in January. It was as if the coming of Bruno Fernandes spell doom on the future of the French player since he arrived.

    Bruno Fernandes changed the narratives and reconstructed the headlines especially in the midfield. What many football fans had thought only Paul Pogba could do was done seamlessly by the Portuguese midfielder in a little while he was opportune to play for the Red Devils before the outbreak of coronavirus.

    The Frenchman could have just saved what is left for him and wait for a grand return from injury to prove his worth once again to Manchester United. However, he made one more mistake that many Manchester United fans would not forgive him for. Pogba posted a video of himself training in Juventus Jersey stating that it was his way of supporting his fellow teammates Blaise Matuidi who tested positive for the virus. However, some Manchester United fans took that to heart and they call for his exit from the club.

    A retired Scotland player and now football analyst, Andy Gray has advised Manchester United to cut their loss on Paul Pogba and sell him when the transfer window opens again. He urged the Red Devils to sign Aston Villa captain, Jack Grealish whose worth is about £70 million. According to him, Manchester United can still make £100 million euro from the sale of Pogba especially to one of the most successful clubs in the world, Real Madrid who are seriously eyeing the Frenchman.

    Gray, however, stated that the two players might not worth that amount when football finally resumes because the suspension will affect the spending of every club. He stated that football is heading into the world of the unknown. Quoting his words: “We don’t know if football is ever going to be the same again and whether It’ll affect player values and salaries. We’re entering a world of unknowns.

    “But when the dust settles, if I could sell Pogba for £100m and bring in Grealish for £70m I would do it in a heartbeat. It’s a no-brainer.

    “United still might be able to get their money back on Pogba. We know his value commercially and on social media with his millions of followers.


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