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Chelsea Player Christian Pulisic shows his ball juggling skills while dancing to Drake’s song [Video]

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Chelsea player Christian Pulisic has been seen in a video practicing his football skills during the lockdown order while he gracefully dances to Toosie Slide by American singer Drake. The Chelsea man has not really enjoyed a fair share of his Premier League campaign this season because of a few injuries he sustained earlier this year.

Unfortunately, the American player recovered from injury when the suspension has been placed on football activities in England due to the coronavirus outbreak. A lockdown order was placed on football activities to stop the spread of the virus in the country.

Defeating the coronavirus spell

Conquering the deadly pandemic (COVID-19) that has launched its full attack on human demands our conscious and deliberate efforts as people. The fasting means of contracting the virus or getting others infected is through social gathering, whether in the Mall, religious centers, workplaces or anywhere. This explains the reason why the lockdown order mandated by the authorities include a restriction on social gathering.

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Meanwhile, people know that all the lockdown protocol was put in place to safeguard the lives of people and make the world free from the pandemic, still, many people have found it difficult to comply with the order. This can not disjointed from the fact that people are not used to staying at home order. There has never been any time that the entire world was placed on lockdown, not even during the first and second world wars.

Reasonably, footballers being a public figure have come all out on social media to show people some of the interesting things they can do from home without disobeying the lockdown protocol. Some days back, Cristiano Ronaldo shared a video online showing him having a new hair cut from his beautiful model girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. Also, Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic decided to stun the curiosity of their fans online by staging a challenge to display their football skills.

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Similarly, Chelsea star man, Christian Pulisic has also shown his 2.5 million Instagram fans what to do right from home. The Chelsea midfielder displayed his ball juggling skills while listening to one of the best songs of American-Canadian singer, Drake titled ‘Toosie Slide’.

The video was posted on the official page of the Chelsea Football Club to show people some of the amazing fun activities they can do from home while still obeying the lockdown order. With the Premier League placed on suspension without a specific date for its return, there is doubt that many football clubs might have to declare bankruptcy if the lockdown continues due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Christian Pulisic’s struggle in Chelsea

Christian Pulisic is no doubt one of the greatest players to emerge from the United States of America. The American footballer came into the English club with full force back in 2019 which saw him making the starting eleven on several occasions.

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He, however, had some disappointing start since the beginning of the new year when his career experienced a set back due to an injury. Since then, he has been struggling to make the starting eleven before the coronavirus outbreak brought a halt to football activities. Bad to know, Chelsea fans won’t get to see him play for some time due to the suspension of football activities.

However, the 21-year-old player is doing all that he can to ensure that he is fit to play whenever football activities return.

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