Borussia Dortmund stadium partially converted to Covid-19 testing center

images 2020 04 05T092936.655
images 2020 04 05T092936.655

Borussia Dortmund has given some part of their stadium Signal Iduna Park to be converted to temporary treatment center for Covid-19. Signal Iduna Park is the biggest stadium in Germany and since football activities has been put on hold due to the virus, Dortmund have decided to give some part of the stadium as a temporary treatment center of Covid-19.

Germany has been overwhelmed by the increasing rate of Covid-19 affected victims in the country with death toll increasing to about 1,444 persons. No fewer than 96,092 cases of Covid-19 has been reported in Germany ranking it among the worst most affected countries in the world. In a bid to intensify the health system against the virus, Borussia Dortmund has given some part of their stadium to be converted to a temporary treatment center for Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Borussia Dortmund players were one of the first few to accept a pay cut due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the world. Like many other leagues in the world that has been put on hold, the German Bundesliga too is on an indefinite suspension. Some of their players have been training in two to obey the German government order of social distancing to stop the spread the virus in the country.

Asides Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the UK have also been badly affected by the virus that emanated from China in December 2019. France for instance have recorded about 89,953 cases and no fewer than 7,560 have died and 15,438 recovery cases has been reported.

It is however funnily amazing how China has just gone silent since the virus entered the began to flourish in European continent. The Chinese League is expected to resume play in April while the rest of the world are still been overwhelmed by the virus. Almost all major leagues have been postponed with no specific date of it return.


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