Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min joins the Military in South Korea

    images 2020 04 06T120713.546
    images 2020 04 06T120713.546

    Tottenham Hotspur’s striker Son Heung-min will join the military training at Marines boot camp this month. As part of the obligation of every adult male to undergo military training for almost two years to become one of the thousands of Seoul’s army.

    All the members of the South Korea football team were given an exemption when South Korea won the gold medal at the Asian Games held in Indonesia in 2018. Son could not control his tears after South Korea flawed Japan at the final stage of the competition which gave him the opportunity to fulfill his mandatory obligation with lesser weeks of training.

    Sad to note, Son Heung-min 2019/20 Premier League season ended even before the outbreak of coronavirus. The 27-year-old attacker broke his arm during a Premier League clash against Aston Villa on February 16. He was not opportune to have an impressive start this season due to his injury spell.

    The coronavirus total lockdown in Europe is an added advantage for the North Korean player to return to his country to fulfill his obligation. Reports revealed that Son will report to the Marines boot camp on the island of Jeju on April 20 for his basic training.

    Son Heung-min traveled several miles back to his home country earlier last week after a total lockdown order was enacted in Europe. Son utilizes the opportunity to go back home to finish his military training. While many other nations are being rampaged by the deadly coronavirus, this is a perfect time for the Spurs striker to complete his constituted obligation.

    The South Korean attacker is considered to be one of the best players to emerge from the Asian continent after the retirement of his countryman, Park Ji-sung, who had a successful playing in Manchester United. Ji-sung Park played a total of 134 games for the Red Devils and he scored about 19 goals in all competitions.


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