Son Heung-min to self-isolate on return from South Korea over coronavirus fears

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    The current epidemic that has taken the world by storm has not only affected people in schools and work but the world of football as well. Earlier this week it was announced that Serie A clubs will hold a closed-door match, while others have canceled their match due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

    New reports suggest Tottenham and Korean international Son Heung-Min will be forced to remain under isolation for two weeks after returning to England this weekend. The forward went back to his homeland last month to undergo an operation following a broken arm injury during the Spurs match against Aston Villa on February 16. 

    It is believed the 27-year-old insisted on going back home to meet the same surgeon who operated on his right arm a few years ago. Son reportedly traveled before the government protocols were put in place. And now the star striker will have to keep away from the club’s Enfield training ground while in a bid to regain his fitness and return to action. Spurs are hopeful one of their key men will return before the end of the season and will hopefully get the cast removed sooner than later. 

    Speaking on Son’s isolation which will start this weekend, Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho said: “I think the normal advice comes from the authorities, comes from the government. I’m not going to make any comment, I’m nobody, I’m no specialist.

    “I just get the legal advice and what my club gets from authorities, and of course we follow everything. That’s why I’m saying that Sonny when he’s back from Seoul we will have to follow the protocols and we are not going to have him immediately here. Where he will be? I don’t know how to be specific with that, I just know we have to follow some safety protocols” the boss added.

    Tottenham have said visitors who wish to visit the training ground will have to sign a mandatory document confirming they had not traveled to several Asian countries. On the list of Asian countries, South Korea is included. 

    Meanwhile, striker Harry Kane has handed the Spurs a major boost as he is reportedly set to return in six weeks’ time. England manager Southgate is reportedly ecstatic that his key striker may possibly return in time for their game during the international break in late March. 

    The England international ruptured a tendon in his left hamstring on News Year’s day during their 1-0 Premier League defeat at Southampton. It was initially reported that the Three Lions skipper would be ruled out for the remaining of the season with his Euro 2020 return on a knife-edge. 


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