Bruno Fernandes Says He Moved to Manchester United because of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

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    images 2020 04 09T124015.781

    Manchester United latest signee Bruno Fernandes has revealed that he agreed to join Manchester United because of the confidence the Red Devils’ coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has in him.

    Prior to joining Manchester United in January, Gunnar Solskjaer was spotted in Fernandes’ former club, Sporting Lisbon, in Portugal. He watched the midfielder play before the 25-year-old agreed a £68m deal with United.

    Since he joined the club, he has been the hottest thing that happened in the Premier League until March when the coronavirus pandemic interrupted the outgoing 2019/2020 football season.

    So far, Bruno Fernandes has scored three goals and made four assists in 9 appearances for United making him one of the best buys in the 2020 January transfer window.

    While he was explaining how he joined Manchester United on the club’s official website, the Portuguese international said: “For me, the most important thing was obviously the confidence of the coach.

    “I need to know I am backed from the coach, because sometimes when you change club, not every time the coach wants you.

    “Not like I need to come because the coach wants me to play, no, not like this, but I want to feel the confidence of the coach. You come, you are a choice for me and you come. I need you, I want you, it’s not like you come and I ask but I will play?

    “No, this for me is not the point. For me, the point is the confidence he has in me. If he has confidence in me, then the rest is working.

    “I need to work to conquer my place, to play, to keep going with games and games and games.”

    Ronaldo made me looked at Man U with More Interest – Bruno Fernandes

    Ronaldo made me looked at Man U with More Interest - Bruno Fernandes
    Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes

    Meanwhile, the Midfielder told the club’s website that the decision to come to the Old Trafford was a very easy one for him because it has been a childhood dream for him to play for the club.

    “I looked at Manchester with more interest when Cristiano [Ronaldo] was here because it’s normal when you have Portuguese players in some teams, you look at them more than other teams”, he said.

    “But at that moment, I started to look at Manchester in a different way because you see Cristiano but then you see also the team and you have Paul Scholes, you have [Wayne] Rooney, you have [Ryan] Giggs and you have Roy Keane, [Eric] Cantona before.

    “You have a lot of players… I don’t know… [Ruud] van Nistelrooy… I can stay here for hours saying all the names of players for Manchester United. Also, Nani, who’s played with me.”


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