Mauro Icardi and his hot girlfriend Wanda Nara are living their best life

    images 2020 04 13T124009.796
    images 2020 04 13T124009.796

    Mauro Icardi and his hot girlfriend Wanda Nara are currently living their best life amidst this coronavirus lockdown. The duo was pictured on an island while Nara displaying her sultry boobs in camera.

    Football activity is one of the most interesting things that ever happen to the world, the happy moment when our team wins a competition and the pitiful moment when we lost a competition to a rival. All of these make the sport one of the interesting in human history. Also, there is some drama that erupted both on and outside the pitch that never ceases to wow the audiences.

    One of such drama is footballer appointing his wife or girlfriend as his manager. Such is the style of this 27-year-old Argentine attacker Mauro Icardi. The Argentine sacked his long term manager in 2016 and appointed his wife, Wanda Nara, a model and Tv presenter as his manager. Apparently, the duo does everything together, so when Icardi’s name is mentioned, Wanda Nara is echoed in the same proportion.

    Mauro Icardi’s controversial marriage to Wanda Nara

    Mauro Icardi gained negative popularity in 2014 after he tied the knot with model and Tv presenter Wanda Nara. The 32-year-old Television presenter was initially married to the Argentine player, Maxi Lopez. However, the duo had resorted to divorce in 2013 after her secret relationship with Icardi was revealed. It was not long after her divorce with Lopez was finalized that she got married to Mauro Icardi.

    Meanwhile, Nada and Icardi had two daughters: Francesca, born on 19 January 2015,  and Isabella, born on 27 October 2016.

    The Inter Milan player was heavily criticized after his marriage with Wanda Nara broke the new in 2014 and it brought about an iota of hatred for the player even in his home country Argentina. Quite a number of people heavily criticized Icardi, among those who blasted him was one time Argentina coach and retired football legend, Diego Maradona. In fact, critics opined one of the reasons why Mauro Icardi was not given the opportunity to play for the Argentina national team was because of the criticism and hatred.


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