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Real Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois “Barcelona should not become La Liga champion for 2020”

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Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has revealed his disagreement with La Liga’s plan to crown Barcelona the winner if the league does not continue. Courtois thinks his Real Madrid is better than Barcelona and that since they are only 2 points behind Lionel Messi’s team, he is confident that Real Madrid can win the 2020 La Liga championship trophy. 


“We are two points behind Barcelona, so it’s still possible we can be champions,” Madrid keeper Courtois said in an interview on his website. “It would be unfortunate if the season were canceled.

“If they decide to stop the competition and Barcelona are named champions, I wouldn’t find it completely right. They drew once against us and lost once, so we showed them that we’re a better team. We’re two points behind them, but I wouldn’t agree with that.

He also took time to address the premier league issue surrounding Liverpool’s chance at winning the 2020 premier league championship. 

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“In England, I could understand if Liverpool becomes champions. I don’t know how many points ahead they are. I’d like to finish the season. I think a championship is based on all the matches that have to be played. It’s 11 games too early to decide on the champions.”

When asked about his solution to the current issue, He added; “I think we should be playing, but of course we have to consider our safety, We have to be 100% sure before we play again because you can be infected without carrying symptoms”.

He continued and said, “You have to be careful who you come into contact with. What happens when there’s a player infected on another team? But of course, I’d love to finish the season.

“Fear isn’t the right word. I still visit my kids. If I haven’t already been infected, then I can still get infected or infect them. You hear stories of young, healthy people getting sick. That’s not what you want.”

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