Manchester City’s Leroy Sane has agreed on contract terms with Bayern Munich

Leroy Sane
Leroy Sane

Leroy Sane’s Transfer details

Leroy Sane is still under contract with Manchester City, but the lack of playtime has forced him to seek employment somewhere else. He is a German Nationals and he has agreed to sign with a German team Bayern Munich.
According to sources familiar with the matter, Leroy Sane has agreed to sign for Bayern Munich on a 5 years deal. The detail surrounding the deal is yet to be released and it is expected to be made available shortly.

According to the German newspaper SPORTBILD, Bayern Munich has reached an agreement with Leroy Sane, but have also begun negotiating a fee with Manchester City. The Bundesliga side has ‘deposited’ a sum of €40 million which will act as a basis for these negotiations, but will aim to keep the final fee below €60 million – almost half of what City was valuing the winger at last summer”.

Sane was a spectacular player under Pep Guardiola, however, Pep is not giving him more playtime and he also faced some injury issues that kept him off the field for a long time.

If Bayern completes this deal to sign Leroy Sane, they would have to hope that he can stay healthy to play a lot of games for them.


 Leroy Sane’s Injuries

SeasonInjuryfromuntilDaysGames missed
19/20Cruciate Ligament RuptureAug 5, 2019Feb 27, 2020206 days41
17/18Torn LigamentJan 29, 2018Feb 11, 201813 days3
17/18ColdNov 28, 2017Dec 1, 20173 days1
16/17Nose surgeryMay 23, 2017Jul 2, 201740 days
16/17Muscle InjuryDec 18, 2016Jan 13, 201726 days5
16/17Hamstring InjuryAug 4, 2016Sep 4, 201631 days5
15/16Hand InjurySep 7, 2015Sep 10, 20153 days
14/15Minor KnockApr 20, 2015Apr 23, 20153 days
14/15Muscle InjuryJul 14, 2014Aug 28, 201445 days4


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