Troy Deeney refused to return to Watford’s training camp ” my son has breathing problem… black people are in danger”

    Troy Deeney and his kids
    Troy Deeney and his kids

    The premier league is scheduled to restart on June 1st, 2020, and Watford forward Troy Deeney has told the club that he would not return to training.  Troy is a big part of Watford’s offense,  he has played his whole premier league career with Watford and the team will not be the same without him.

    Troy Deeney Stats for the 2019/2020 season. 

    Appearances 154
    Goals 43
    Assists 20

    He appeared on Talk the Talk Podcast to give his views on the league’s plan to restart after the coronavirus pandemic brought all sports events to a stop in the United Kingdom. “We’re due back in this week. I’ve said I’m not going in,” he told Eddie Hearn and Tony Bellew.

    “We’re all in this week – every Premier League club, at some point, they’re back in. I’ve said personally I’m not going back in. It’s nothing personally to do with, I know Joey mentioned it, It’s nothing to do with financial gain. Hand on heart, if I were to go into full detail about my personal situation, everyone here would go ‘no problem, I fully understand what you’re saying’.

    He also revealed that Black people and other minorities are more likely to get the virus. Here is what Troy said in regards to that, “Within the meeting, I’ve asked very simple questions – for black, Asian and mixed ethnicity, you’re four times more likely to get the illness and are twice as likely to have long-lasting illnesses, is there any additional screening, heart stuff to see if anyone has got problems from that? No. Okay, well I feel like that should be addressed.”

    Troy Deeney’s son has breathing issues, his 31 years old father revealed, “I’ve just had a son, my son is five months old, he had breathing difficulties, so I don’t want to come home to put him in more danger.

    “You’ve got to drive in in your own kit, you can’t have showers, so there’s a hygiene aspect with that. Then you’ve got to drive home in the same dirty kit and if you have been contaminated, I don’t know if it can be passed through clothes, they couldn’t really answer that question, but if I’m putting that clothing in with my son’s clothing or my missus’ clothing, it’s more likely to be in and around the house and I just said the simplest thing.

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    “I can’t get a haircut until mid-July, but I can go and get in a box with 19 people and jump for a header. I don’t know how that works and no one could answer the questions – not because they didn’t want to, it’s just because they don’t know the information, so I said, ‘if you don’t know the information, why would I put myself at risk?'”

    Troy refused to join his teammates at Watford’s training camp and it doesn’t appear that he’ll change his mind anytime soon. The premier league got the go-ahead from the government to restart the season and the players have begun getting tested.

    Watford star Troy Deeney was married with two children, but he left his ex wife.

    He was once married to his ex-wife Stacey Deeney who he cheated on and left for a 26 years old model Alisha Hosannah. Troy has two kids with his first wife Stacey and their two children live with him in Solihull, West Midlands. And he has 2 more kids with his model girlfriend, Alisha,

    Troy Deeney’s children with Stacey Deeney, he had a son with Stacey in 2009, his name is Myles Troy Deeney. and a daughter Amelia Deeney.

    This is Troy’s son with model Alisha; his son was born on December 25, 2020. He did not share his son’s name with us but we think his name is Clay, he referred to him as Clay in one of the Pictures he posted on Instagram.


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