Premier league Coronavirus restart may be questionable: 6 positive tests recorded

images 2020 05 12T093310.807
images 2020 05 12T093310.807

The Premier League is set to restart on June 1st, 2020 and the first step is to test all players and staff members who would be part of the match when it resumes. Six confirmed positive tests were recorded, 748 players and staff were tested.

According to reports, each club in the premier league submitted 40 staff including players, coaches, and medical staff for testing and some tested positive. On Monday, the premier league gave a clear path for clubs to begin training camp in small groups and this clearance requires that all players be tested before they are allowed to train.

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Premier League Resumes Training in Small Groups

From the testing, the league confirmed 6 positive tests. As a result, this may affect the premier league’s June 1st start date if more players test positive.

The league requires all players to be tested twice per week, more test results to follow at the end of the week.


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