Premier League Has From Now Until May 25 to Tell UEFA How it intends to End the 2019-2020 Season

    skysports ceferin uefa aleksander ceferin 4936196
    skysports ceferin uefa aleksander ceferin 4936196

    The European football governing body UEFA has given the Premier League and other league bodies in Europe May 25 deadline to tell the football body how they intend to resume the season.

    Recall that the Premier League like other leagues in Europe has been suspended since March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Earlier in April, UEFA issued a statement to all-league bodies in Europe urging domestic leagues to ensure that their seasons are completed by any means possible.

    It also offers to wait until all domestic leagues are concluded before it continues with European championships.

    As the domestic league bodies are battling to come up with logical plans on how to continue with football amid the coronavirus pandemic, Uefa has been trying to look at ways European competitions can be completed in August.

    According to reports, the UEFA’s Executive Committee intends to hold a meeting via conference call on May 27 to decide whether the ‘August’ plan would be feasible.

    Before football was suspended in Europe, the UEFA Champions League was at the second phase of round of 16 while some clubs have already qualified for the quarter-finals stage of the league.

    UEFA Wants Leagues Winners to Emerge by Merits

    UEFA Wants Leagues Winners to Emerge by Merits

    On the latest guidelines Uefa issued to the Premier League and other leagues in Europe, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin stressed that all countries’ football associations should ensure that their league winners emerge by merit. He also urged them not to cancel their league.

    “National associations and/or leagues should be in a position to communicate to UEFA by 25 May 2020 the planned restart of their domestic competitions including the date of restart and the relevant competition format”, the guideline read.

    UEFA also issued “strong recommendation” to football associations in Europe to ensure that domestic seasons are completed, rather than cancel them.

    File photo of English Premier League Club Arsenal training
    File photo of English Premier League Club Arsenal training

    Some Premier League clubs have started showing signs that they are ready for action as some of the clubs opened their training centres for their footballers.

    Arsenal football club was the first to open its training centre for its players to train individually. The club’s North London rival, Tottenham Hotspur has also followed suit.


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