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UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin Says Liverpool Will Be Crowned Premier League Champions Somehow

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One of the biggest crisis the coronavirus pandemic has caused in the world of football is how to end the ongoing leagues which have been suspended due to the pandemic. Also, one of the football teams which has found itself in the square of the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is Premier League side Liverpool Football Club.

Liverpool has not been able to win the Premier League for the past 30 years and the club has been the laughing stock of fans of rival clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and even Arsenal.

The club nearly broke that jinx in the 2018/2019 football season but it lost the title to Manchester City with just one point difference.

Liverpool’s season

This season presented Liverpool as a firebrand team that is ready to go all the way to win the title. The club was already 25 points clear of the second team on the table – Manchester City with just 9 matches to the end of the season.

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Liverpool standings on the league table so far
Liverpool standings on the league table so far

Unfortunately for the club and the fans who are already warming up for a Premier League title, the coronavirus pandemic cut short or have been delaying their expectation.

Since the league was suspended in early March, there have been talks about cancelling the league or declaring it void. If such a decision is taken, it means that the beautiful run of the Anfield side this season will be to no good.

Liverpool Can’t go without the title – Ceferin

Liverpool team celebrating a goal
Liverpool team celebrating a goal

But the UEFA President, Aleksander Ceferin, thinks otherwise. He stressed that he could not imagine the scenario where Liverpool would not be declared the champions of the Premier League this season.

Ceferin told Slovenian publication EkipaSN that the Premier League has to find one way or the other to crown Liverpool the champions of the league.

“I can’t see a way Liverpool could be left without a title, he said.

“If the Premier League resumes playing, Liverpool will almost certainly win the title.

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“Theoretically it’s not all over, but practically Liverpool are on the verge of it.

“If by any chance the play will not resume, we still have to find a way to declare final results, to declare champions.

“And again I cannot see, I cannot imagine a scenario, in which the champions would not be Liverpool.

“I understand the fans will be disappointed if it happens in an empty stadium or even in the league offices, but I believe they will get the title one way or another.”

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