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Roberto Firmino of Liverpool Now Plays For the Home Team [Videos]

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Brazilian Football superstar Roberto Firmino has been using the stay at home period being observed in different countries worldwide to prove that he can play a very good family man’s role like how he has been playing so well for Premier League club Liverpool.

Roberto Firmino who plays for the Brazilian Senior National Team as a forward is one of the deadliest attacking midfielders or wingers in the Premier League. However, he now has only one choice, to play for his family, in this critical period in the history of the world.

Roberto Firmino and his family
Roberto Firmino and his family

As expected, the 28-year-old football star is playing for his family as perfectly as he has been playing for both country and club and he can’t but flaunt it via Instagram to his millions of followers.

The Instagram page of the football star is filled with picture and videos showing when the football star was having a series of quality time with his two daughters and wife, Larissa Pereira.

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The family man’s skills of Roberto Firmino

In one of his series of posts, the football star could be seen in a gym with his sexy wife posing as cordially as one can picture two lovebirds who cherish themselves dearly.

Roberto Firmino also did a video mix of some of the wonderful time he has had with his family so far since the “Stay At Home” movement began across the world.

To give his fans more reason to stay at home, the football star took it upon himself to share videos showing when he was playing keyboard for his daughters and also playing the keyboard while singing with his wife.

Indeed, all the videos and pictures the football star has shared so far has gone a long way to prove that the creativity, goalscoring and work rate he has been impressing Liverpool’s manager J├╝rgen Klopp with, is not a fluke. As he is the “engine” that propels the Liverpool’s counter-attacking system, he is also the engine room that is sustaining the life in his lovely family.

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