Cristiano Ronaldo strengthens Portugal hospital with funds to treat Coronavirus

images 2020 03 25T100320.486
images 2020 03 25T100320.486

Juventus and Portugal player, Cristiano Ronaldo has joined forces with his agent Jorge Mendes to fund North Lisbon’s University Hospital Center (CHULN) with two intensive care units and another intensive care unit in Porto‘s Santo Antonio hospital, which is part of Porto’s University Hospital Centre.

The North Lisbon’s University Hospital Center (CHULN) which comprises Santa Maria and Pulifo Valente hospitals revealed to the media that the two intensive care units to be funded by Ronaldo and his agent will carry the names of the two sportsmen.

While speaking the ESPN, CHULN said: “Businessman Jorge Mendes and Cristiano Ronaldo will donate two intensive care wings for the CHULN; each wing will be totally equipped and will have the capacity for 10 beds.”

“The units will be equipped with the charitable contribution of Mendes and Ronaldo. This equipment includes beds, ventilators, heart monitors, pumps and infusion syringes, essential equipment in the care of critically ill patients with COVID-19.

“These units, called UCI Jorge Mendes and UCI Cristiano Ronaldo, after the COVID-19 [pandemic is over] will be converted and will remain as a reinforcement of intensive care medicine, which had 31 beds before the new coronavirus pandemic, increasing its capacity to 51 beds.”

It is worthy to note that Portugal declared a state of emergency last Thursday after the country has recorded over 2,060 cases of coronavirus and about 23 deaths. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo been in quarantine since he arrived in Portugal earlier this month. Three of his teammates in Juventus, Paulo Dybala, Blaise Matuidi and Rugani Daniele have all tested positive for the virus.

Of a truth, the virus will be defeated and normality will be restored around the world, however, we all have a role to play to enhance the speedy recovery of the entire world from this virus. Contributing our own quota to ensure that the community we live in is safe and also obeying all prevention guidelines set aside by the authorities. Together, we can rescue the world from this mess, football will definitely return but not before peace returns to the world.


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