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Former Arsenal Player, Hleb says no one cares in Belarus as football games continue despite coronavirus outbreak

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Former Arsenal and Barcelona player, Alexander Hleb has expressed his concern over the nonchalant attitude of the Belarus government over the outbreak of coronavirus in the world as the government refuses to suspend football games. Eastern Europe is one of the few places where that have not been badly affected by the deadly pandemic in the world.

Hleb told The Sun that people all over the world now watches the Belarus league as football games continue despite the outbreak of the virus. According to him, no one is talking about the virus, businesses are still functioning, malls and stores are open everyone are just going about doing their normal businesses while the rest of the world has been held to ransom by the pandemic.

He jokingly called on Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to come to Belarus so that they can have more playing time since football has been suspended in almost all European countries except Belarus as the president of the country has refused to stop football activities.

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While the rest of the world continue to struggle to beat the novel COVID-19 that has come to snatch away the peace in the world, Belarus football league are still on the pitch playing football like the country is on any continent of the world or the people of the country are immune to the novel COVID-19.

“All the world now watches the Belarusian league,” Hleb told The Sun. “Everybody should go to their television and see us.

“When the NHL closed the season, a lot of ice hockey players went to Russia to play. Maybe Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo might come to the Belarus league to continue. You know?

“It’s the only place in Europe you can play football. At least then the people of Belarus will be happy.”

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the city of BATE in Belarus has recorded over 50 cases of COVID-19 on Thursday. However, despite this, President Lukashenko would not change his mind, he would not bow to the authority of COVID-19 as Western Europe and the rest of the world did. Belarus president is known for his controversial statements, while he was addressing the outbreak of COVID-19 on other parts of Europe he said: “People are working in tractors, no one is talking about the virus. In the villages, the tractor will heal everyone. The fields heal everyone.”

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