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Transfer Rumor: Barcelona ready to sell Antoine Griezman for €100m

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There has been an unconfirmed report that Barcelona is ready to let Antoine Griezmann go for a record fee of about €100m when the transfer window opens. Barcelona signed the 29-year-old attacker from Atletico Madrid in 2019 after the club released Phillipe Countinho on loan to Bayern Munich. At first, the French man seemed like a perfect replacement for the Brazilian star player, Neymar Jr who left Barcelona in 2017 after he signed a world-class contract worth about £200m with the French club, Paris Saint-Germain which made him the most expensive player of all time.

Since then, the vacuum that the Brazilian playmaker left behind have not been filled in the club, the Spanish club bought Dembele as a potential replacement and thereafter, Phillipe Countinho before Antoine Griezmann. However, it appears the spell that drove Neymar Jr away from Barcelona is the same that has made all the three potential replacements for him unsuccessful in the club as well. The ill-luck spell of another star footballer playing alongside Lionel Messi. The silver lining, if any, is that other star players tend to have their success being overridden by that of Lionel Messi when they play in the same team, this has made other players not triumph in the right proportion close to Messi or more than him. Remember the time of Thierry Henry while he was in Arsenal, he was tipped to win the World Best Player in foreseeable future, however, his story turns around when he joined Barcelona.

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Antoine Griezmann has appeared in over 26 games for Barcelona and he has scored about eight goals. The truth is that the Frenchman has not been the same since he joined Barcelona because before now, many football critics have always tipped him to win the Ballon d’Or if only he can invest more consistency in his style of play. Reasonably, someone of such caliber is not expected to play in the same team with one of the biggest threats to his success as a Balon d’Or winner.

Consequently, it appears abilities don’t seem to impress the owners of the club, no one knows how certain the news is, but the speculation is that Barcelona is ready to sell the Frenchman for a whopping fee of €100m. Meanwhile, there has never been a fire with a spark, there must have been some talks going behind closed doors about the future of the Frenchman in Barcelona. Reasonably, we will keep our fingers crossed to watch as the event unfolds in the seeable future. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has brought doom upon the world of football as quite a number of football leagues all over the globe have been suspended till further notice. We, however, pray and hope that the virus is defeated sooner than expected, for the love of football.

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