France top-flight league, Ligue 1 will not resume play until the ending of June – Premiere Light President

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Premiere Ligue president Bernard Caiazzo has revealed that the top-flight league in France, Ligue 1 will not resume play before June 15 following the outbreak of pandemic novel COVID-19 in Europe. The league was suspended earlier this month after the virus took the European continent by storm causing all major league games to be suspended indefinitely.

Ligue 1 was suspended till further notice on March 13 after other leagues in Europe had suspended their competitions to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country. Italian Serie A was the first to suspend its games after Italy became the newest place of abode the deadly virus that emanated from China in December 2019.

About three Juventus players, Rugani Daniele, Blaise Matuidi and Paulo Dybala has been tested positive for the virus. They are the three players from the top-flight league in Italy that are reported to be positive of the virus. Meanwhile, there are countless others that have been reported positive of the virus in the lower division of the league.

Also in England, Arsenal Manager, Mikel Arteta, and Chelsea player Hudson-Odoi are all tested positive for the virus, while the death of Lorenzo Sanz former President of Real Madrid was the most recent death recorded in Spain.

Though there have not been any confirmed report that any player from France top league has contracted the virus, however, the League decision-making team are not willing to take chances. According to Caiazzo, though they desperately want the Ligue 1 Campaign to be completed despite the outbreak, however, the league is not certain to resume play until after about three months from now.

“It is necessary to finish the championship at all costs, even if it means ending it in July-August and resuming in stride,” he told France Bleu on Sunday.

“Currently, all the clubs are losing around €250 million a month and we cannot play until the curve is reversed. That is to say in July-August, at best on June 15.”

He, however, lamented about the loss of football teams in Europe since the suspension started. He stated that the European Championship has lost about €4 billion while the French championship has lost between €500-600m.” He explained that most professional clubs may file for bankruptcy within six months.

“I am very, very, very worried about all the clubs. Without state aid, within six months half of the pro clubs will file for bankruptcy,” he said.

“The five major European championships have already lost , the French championship between

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