Ex-Liverpool chief Ian Ayre believes the club will bounce back next season to win the Premier League

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images 2020 04 12T122343.761

There have been different speculations that the 2019/2020 Premier League season might be declared inconclusive following the long-term suspension that has been placed on football activities following the outbreak of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Liverpool is 25 points clear ahead of the second team on the league table, the Reds only needs to win two more matches to be declared the winner of the 2019/20 season. Whereas, if the coronavirus had not started, it is almost certain that Liverpool would have been declared the winner and this will make it the first time in a distant memory that the club will lift the trophy.

Many football critics have advised Liverpool to be more conscious about the health conditions of the world instead of being too passionate about their ambition to win the league.

It seems Liverpool fans and stakeholders are already resigning to fate while they hope for a better and more fruitful era when a new season commenced. Ex-Anfield chief, Ian Ayre expressed his confidence in the team and manager, Jurgen Klopp that the Reds will “bounce back”.

According to Ayre, he stated that Liverpool will re-strategize and win the Premier League title next season even if they are denied that right this season due to the ugly pandemic that struck the entire world.

Manchester City went ahead of Liverpool with just one point to snatch the silverware title away from the Reds last season. Despite that, Liverpool salvage what was left against Tottenham Hotspurs at the final stage of the Champions League competition to crown themselves the Champions of Europe.

Ian Ayre is of the opinion that the inability of Liverpool to win the Premier League will not disrupt their winning habit in the next season. In his words: “I’ve been a Liverpool fan for 50 years and I’ve always said to people that we never do things the easy way,”  Ayre told the Daily Star.

“Look at Istanbul, the League Cup final of 2012, Barcelona last year. It’s the Liverpool way, to some degree. They’ll either get it sorted and win it this year or they won’t, but, whatever happens, they’ll bounce back.

“If it’s not this year, then it will be next year. Jurgen and everybody would say, ‘Bring it on’, if they have to wait.

“When FSG bought ­Liverpool, one of the things John Henry said, right at the start, was that he wanted to build this team to win and to keep winning. He’s a very smart guy, I’ve got huge respect for him and what he says is completely right.

“Look at last year, we got so close to the title and won the Champions League. Then we’ve gone on to win the Super Cup and the World Club Championship and the club are on course to win the league. You don’t achieve that without having a solid team and a really solid foundation.

“That doesn’t go away ­overnight. This Liverpool team is very young in comparison to a lot of squads and they won’t have many players rotating out through age or contracts this summer.

“Whether they’re rightly ­allowed to win the league this year, what will be will be. But I’ve no doubt that, if it doesn’t happen this season, it will ­happen next season.”


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