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UEFA suspends Champions League, Europa League and Euro 2020 qualifying playoffs indefinitely

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The governing body for European Football, UEFA has announced that the body has postponed all EURO 2020 play-off matches that were supposed to happen in June. Also, the Union has suspended all qualifiers for women Euro 2021 until further notice due to the outbreak of novel COVID-19.

UEFA made this announcement on Wednesday while it was addressing the state of things in European football as coronavirus continues to flourish in the continent with Italy, Spain and United Kingdom receiving the heaviest blow of the deadly pandemic.

The last time UEFA made a public announcement was to declare that the EURO 2020 competition that was scheduled to commence by June has been shifted till 2021 due to the outbreak of coronavirus which has now become a global threat. Reasonably, almost all football leagues across the globe have been suspended due to the deadly pandemic.

The EURO 2020 was supposed to commence precisely by June 12, however, due to the unfortunate outbreak of the pandemic at this time, it is uncertain if it would have been put under control by then. Obviously, the competition will not be held as scheduled but until 2021.

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Furthermore, the 2021 Nations League Finals has been affected by some recent changes made by UEFA. The competition which was staged for June 2021 will now take place later in September the same year.

Also affected are a series of play-offs that were canceled during the International break in March. They were rescheduled for June as the 16 teams compete for the remaining four spots in the tournament, however, they have been postponed until further notice.

UEFA also announced that the qualifiers games for Women’s Euro 2021 has been shifted and the under-17 and 19 Euros have both been canceled.

Meanwhile, UEFA reiterated that all UEFA Champions League and Europa games for 2019/20 remain postponed indefinitely.

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