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Barcelona players refuse pay cut amidst coronavirus football break

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A legion of Barcelona players has refused to accept a pay cut despite the coronavirus outbreak which has led to the suspension of football activities all over the globe. Football activities have been on hold for about three weeks now and different clubs have approached their players negotiating with them to accept a pay cut ( Meaning their salaries will be slashed) during this turbulent moment.

Reports revealed that Germain league big dog Bayern Munich playing squad have accepted a pay cut to ensure that the club continues to pay players during this indefinite break. However, the Barcelona playing squad is reluctant to accept the deal. As much as everyone around the world would pray that football returns soon, but the fact still remains no one knows exactly when everything will be solved.

Apparently, clubs need to find a means of ensuring the continuous payment of their staff during this moment when everything is on standstill. Salary structure in Barcelona differs, the entire first-team constitute about 70 percent of the entire wages the Catalonia club pays weekly. It was reported that the management of the club had a talk with staff last Friday to discuss the crisis that has befallen the world of football and a means how of it, to ensure that the club doesn’t owe its staffs and more importantly, the club doesn’t go bankrupt due to heavy payment of salaries and wages.

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It was reported that the proposed deal of pay cut has divided the Barcelona playing squad into factions. The first factions are said to be the top earners, reports revealed that they kicked heavily against the plan of the club to slash their salary. However, Lionel Messi was believed to be in support of the idea. The Argentine man has initially donated the sum of £1 million to the Barcelona health sector to fight the novel coronavirus.

The last factions are those waiting to see what the Spanish Footballers Association would say before they accept the deal.

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