Mason Greenwood Will Not Return to Manchester United This Season


Mason Greenwood will not return to Manchester United this season as the club continues the probe of the 21-year-old after his rape saga.

Mason Greenwood
Greenwood will not return to Manchester United training this season, but next season after being cleared through Manchester United’s internal investigations

Mason Greenwood was arrested on January 2022 when his girlfriend Harriet Robson accused him of attempted rape and assault.

The England international was arrested and charged for rape, attempted rape, assault, and use of coercive behavior.

He was granted bail and rearrested for breaching bail conditions after he made contact with Harriet Robson.

He was arraigned and his trial date was fixed for November 2023. However, in February, the Crown Prosecuting Service decided to drop all charges against Mason Greenwood.

Recall Manchester United suspended Mason Greenwood after his arrest in January 2022 but after charges against him were dropped, Mason Greenwood was told to stay away from the club until the club concludes their internal investigations into the rape saga.

Futballnews understands Mason Greenwood was making frantic efforts to return to action with Manchester United after charges against him were dropped.

Mason Greenwood
All charges against Greewood was dropped in February but Manchester United have refused to integrate him back to the squad

He met with his teammates, who were divided on his return, to narrate his version of the story.

Mason Greenwood also met with Manchester United’s hierarchy as he continued to push for his return.

He has returned to his relationship with Harriet Robson. The two lovers are expecting their first child and marriage plans have been confirmed.

Meanwhile, Manchester United female team are pushing earnestly to ensure Mason Greenwood is not allowed back into the squad.

Manchester United hierarchy are also divided on Mason Greenwood’s return.

They have interviewed him in the preliminary stage of the investigations. There are reports Manchester United football staff want Greenwood to return while the commercial executives are weary of the implications of allowing Greenwood to return without in-depth investigations into the rape saga.

Erik Ten Hag is steering Manchester United on three fronts this season – the FA Cup, Europa League, and Premier League top-four race

Now, Daily Mail reports Mason Greenwood will not return to Manchester United this season as disclosed by sources close to the Old Trafford club.

The report adds Manchester United are not ready to rush into a decision on Mason Greenwood’s return. They have accepted Mason Greenwood will only return to the squad next season after their investigations.

Manchester United are in the FA Cup, and Europa League and have been dragged into the top-four race.

The Red Devils will hope to focus on their triple chasing season while ensuring the team is not distracted by Mason Greenwood’s saga as much as possible.


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