Mason Greenwood And His Girlfriend Harriet Robson Expecting A Baby After Rape Saga

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Mason Greenwood and his girlfriend Harriet Robson are expecting a baby after being embroiled in a rape saga.

Mason Greenwood and girlfriend Harriet Robson expecting a baby after rape saga

The Manchester United forward saw his fledgling Old Trafford career plummet after Harriet Robson accused him of rape, attempted rape, and assault.

A series of viral footage on social media showed the 22-year-old content creator and model bleeding profusely in the nose, including marks of brutality on her body.

Mason Greenwood

Other viral footage invoking scenes of violence and assault surfaced with Harriet vehemently insisting his footballer lover had assaulted and rape her.

Following accusations by Harriet Robson, Mason Greenwood was arrested in 2022, and prosecuted for assault, attempted rape, and rape.

He last featured for Manchester United in a Premier League game against West Ham on January 22, 2022 and was suspended from the squad following news of the alleged rape and prosecution by the Crown Prosecuting Service.

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Despite his suspension, Manchester United continued to foot his £75,000 weekly wage, but he had to battle to establish his innocence in a dragging legal tussle which torpedoed his Man United career.

Mason Greenwood was granted bail and rearrested after he breached bail conditions by making contact with the victim, Harriet Robson.

However, in a shock move by the Crown Prosecuting Service, all charges against the 21-year-old were dropped on February, 2022.

The Crown Prosecuting Service cited technical inconsistency involving the withdrawal of key witnesses, which has made it difficult to continue with the prosecution.

Harriet Robson

However, Manchester United have refuse to integrate Mason Greenwood into the squad. They club has insisted on conducting their own Investigations before reintegrating the beleaguered youngster into the squad.

Meanwhile, Mason Greenwood had pushed for his return to Old Trafford, meeting his former teammates, who were reportedly divided on accepting the England star into the squad.

While Manchester United’s male team are undecided on having Mason Greenwood back, Sources told the The Sun, the female wing are still adamantly opposed to having Mason Greenwood back.

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The report also revealed Mason Greenwood would not likely make any contact with Manchester United women wing if he returns to the squad as the team are belligerent on their stand of having him flung out of the squad following the rape charge and the viral social media footage of the saga.

The founder of Manchester United Women Supporters Club, Natalie Burrell have reportedly stated she does not want the club to bring back Mason Greenwood as “that could be the worst thing they could do.”

“I don’t want to see him in Manchester United kit or coming out of the Old Trafford again and I hope the club will not allow him,” Natalie said.

As the argument on reintegration or contract termination raged on, an explosive report have emerged Mason Greenwood is expecting a baby with Harriet Robson.

According to The Sun, the family of the two lovers are aware and are hoping to welcome the new born in the summer.

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Can the “expected baby narrative” twist Mason Greenwood’s rape debate?

Series of reactions are expected after this “expected baby” report was digged out. Manchester United are currently conducting their own Investigations, with some of the club’s men and women teams vehemently opposed to his return.

Obviously, the “expected baby narrative” may definitely twist the debate and shape the outcome of Man United’s Investigations. However, as things stand, Mason Greenwood’s Man United fate is still hanging in the balance.

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